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The Psychology of Sports Betting


Chances are you’ve been around people betting on sports or may have even placed a bet yourself! Sports betting can be as harmless as a being part of a playoff game pool at work or playing the odds of a horse race.



We get excited from the risk of betting and possibly losing our hard earned money, and sometimes the payoff is thrilling! There’s the monetary upside to sports betting but there can also be a danger when—for some people—sports betting turns into a gambling addiction.


First of all, what is sports betting? Well, it’s basically a pool of people gambling on the outcome of a sports event—a boxing match, the Super Bowl, basketball playoffs, horse racing—and the bets are typically dictated by the odds calculated from how many times that athlete or team has won or lost.


Keep in mind that outside of regulated, approved venues, sports betting is illegal. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the police will bust down your door to haul you in for your hockey playoff pool with friends. But people who run underground gambling groups might be subjected to criminal prosecution.



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If you made a bet that men are more likely to participate on sports betting than women, you’d win! Men are twice as likely as women to gamble on sports.


The age range with the highest percentage of gamblers is 18-24 year olds (26% of reported gamblers), followed by 35-45 year olds (18%), and gamblers aged 55 and older (11%).

按年龄段来看,18-24 岁的人群参与的比率最高(记录显示 26% 的人是赌徒),其次是 35-45 岁的人群(18%),然后是年龄在 55 岁甚至更年长的人群(11%)。

Another interesting statistic is that college graduates are 24% more likely to gamble on sports than people who don’t have a college degree. Perhaps it has to do with college graduate typically earning more with a degree [i] and that translates to more expendable income with which to bet.

另一项有意思的统计数据表明受过大学教育的人参与的比率,比没上过大学的人高出  24%。原因也许是大学毕业生因为拥有学历,因而收入更高、所以他们能用于的可支配收入也就更高。


People bet for a few different reasons. The risk of betting produces adrenaline in the body and the payoff of money could mean taking a great vacation or settling financial debt.


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